Yes, we are a community. We all help each other out. If you think you know some topic pretty well and you are in a habit of note making, typing that stuff, then you are most welcome to contribute. We will review your submissions and if they match our criteria we will upload it with your name as contributor. Nice way to show off some skills you have. Also if there are any questions which other users would like to ask to you we will forward you their email with their permission. For Submission of Articles or MCQ's you must send a feedback stating the same. Our team members will contact you via your registered email address.

Some important guidelines for contribution:

  • Use your own and simple language
  • Use ample graphics preferably from Wikipedia and give the URL
  • Give Proper refrences as Textbook name, Author, Edition, Page number, etc 
  • Do not copy paste material from other articles
  • Only submissions sent in Word File Format or HTML will be accepted
  • Always be sure about the things you are submitting
App Related questions
As of v1.0.7, the Answer Keys are available under the Announcements Blog(Bell Icon). After you click that, the page shows toppers who scored 100% marks. Just below the list there is the Access Results of Weekly Test Here. You can check the gif below to get an idea.
As of v1.0.7, Free weekly test are taken every Sunday. You can attempt it once it is available. In the Mock Test section under available tab, if you find a test which mentions Weekly, that test is weekly. The topic for the test is usually informed a day or two prior to Sunday i.e. the Test Day. You can attempt the test Between 10:00 AM to 11:59 PM on that Sunday. Results will be available only to those who have already appeared for the test.
Yes, we dont have login page as the app is made that way. You just need to register once and no need to login again. When you install the app it only asks for registration. We bind that app installation to the particular email address and username. After v1.0.5, you can use same email from different devices. But your fav MCQs you mark on one device wont be synced with the other device. Prior to v1.0.5 You cannot use the same email/username for multiple devices. We always recomment using the latest version of the app as new features are added each time.
This is a much asked question. We are currently unable to provide with articles on daily basis as our doctors are currently busy with their own clinic and personal life. But we have contacted the best minds in our profession to help us out. We will shortly begin with the daily upload of articles. Users too can contribute by creating a word file with all details necessary for a small topic along with image links from WIKIPEDIA. Your name will be published along with the article if it matches our criteria and guidelines.
Send us a feedback with the email address you want us to have for communication and we will verify that email and save it. Just a reminder. We do not spam.
Tests are purchased either through wallet or payumoney gateway. These test are available in your subscribed tab. Once the payment is done the tests get automatically downloaded to the subscribed tab. You can attempt it multiple times. The random tests are there just to give you a feel for the purchased tests module.
Refund is not allowed under any circumstances. Once a user buys the mock test and is downloaded to the users mobile. Its considered as completed order. We do not support refund of any kind. As its downloadable product we cannot refund it/ take it back. If you face any problem you can always get in touch with us. You can read more about the refund policy here.
With technology comes its drawbacks. We cannot ascertain that all the information we provide is accurate. Some errors might have crept in unintentionally. This is where you guys come into play. Send us feedback/incorrect mcq/Suggest Correction with good explanation and we will rectify it. You will be notified by mail about the progress of the correction. Also, medical opinion matters from doctor to doctor, author to author. Hence there is no fully correct answer. Its just a matter of experience and knowledge that we can master dentistry.
Sorry iphone users. We earlier had a plan to develop for ios too but as we are not able to find good developers suiting our budget requirements (Most of the IOS developers are tooooo expensive) we had to drop the idea of developing an ios app. May be if some one from you is willing to help us out who knows someone or who has bit of technical skills, sure can drop an email to us. We would surely launch an ios app but not soon.
Periodically we will launch the app updates. As new requests float in we would develop it test it and launch it.
You can always reach out to us using the feedback in the app. We would also like to know your comments on the app and what you think about the app.
Your feedback and requests are most welcome. Most of the requests or feedback's you send are automatically assigned with a number. We categorise those feedback's and based on priority and feasibility we would like to implement them. Most of the requests would be full filled. Keep on suggesting more features to app and help us in making this app universal for any dental student.
With the improvement in Android Operating System, From Marshmallow onwards, App standby named feature was added. This feature denies all network activities to the app if it was not opened for long time, say 5 days. We do not know the exact duration after which the app is denied all network requests. So make sure you open the app daily to get all the notifications and Daily updates.
This question has been in our minds from the time we started development to this date. And after much arguing and consultation with Digital Marketers we would like to keep the app free. Though ads are placed in the app but those are not enough to cover the server expenses, leave aside the man force involved in keeping the app working. We are currently not gaining anything from the app. Its just a thought that keeps us going, to provide assistance to students pursuing dentistry. As we think education should be free.
Follow the Steps:
  1. Open via PC/Laptop browser.
  2. Fill in all the details and press Sign Up
  3. Check your inbox/spam folder for a mail from our side. The mail has the subject "Your Login Details"
  4. Open via PC/Laptop browser.
  5. Enter the email which you used for Sign Up.
  6. Enter the DOB as mentioned in the Email. The DOB has to be entered in YYYY-MM-DD format including the dashes. Press Login.
  7. Enjoy the Online Platform.
Users download in first year and uninstall after PG :). We plan to make the full syllabus in detail of BDS to be available on this app. Textbooks and your hard-work are must. That's where you gain deep knowledge but consider this app as an helping friend who will give you a gist if you forget something or if you want to revise something quickly or score passing marks ;p
Under Consideration. Based on number of requests we get for the same we would implement online portal.
This question has been asked few times to us. We are just a bunch of dentists and developers trying to digitalize dentistry in every way possible. We started with targeting education first and in coming years would move to clinical help app which would make it easy for dentists in clinical practise. Research is also on our list.  Basically we use technology everywhere. 
Starting from first year in biochemistry with incubators to second year micro-motors to third year in microscopy/x-ray/USG to fourth in air rotors to apex locators. RVG, OPG are all good indications of the use of technology in our field. Hence we got the idea and started working on it.
As mentioned on our website, this app is suited only for students in India. Though the app can be used all around the world. But the techniques, names and procedures may differ from country to country.
Yes we have social media pages. Follow us on Facebook Twitter Instagram Telegram Channel Telegram Group Do Like, Follow and Share.
The answer simply is NO. We do not share your data with anyone. Our servers are not linked to any other website and we do not sell user information for money. Users privacy is our first priority.