Ads that you see in the App.

Posted by Admin on 13th July , 2018

Dear Users,

This post is to make you understand about the Ads which you see in the app.

We are in no way responsible for the content that you see in those ads. We have subscribed to ADMOB which is a google product whose sole purpose is to display ads on your mobile devices.

When you see an ad getting displayed in full screen or on bottom bar, you might have noticed sometimes it shows ads relating to your searches on Google. Sometimes it just shows some random ad which can offend some users.

Let us understand a bit of how Ads are displayed on our phone in brief. When you search something on Google or Google partner pages like Amazon, etc. this data gets relayed to Google Servers who in turn store it in their database or memory. The next time when Admob kicks in, it finds that you are interested in an XYZ product at ABC site, if ABC site has paid Google to show the ads, Admob will display that content to you.

Another Example,

We watch trailers on YouTube, this data too gets relayed to Google Servers and is saved with it. Next time when Admob kicks in, it finds that you were interested in trailers, hence Admob shows you some movie banners, full screen images or even sometimes videos inside our app. If a new movie pays Google to show ads, Admob will show that ad.

In Short:

What you search on Google, that relevant content is shown to you in the app. We have not subscribed to Facebook, Yahoo, Amazon, or many other ad providers. We just have plain and simple Google Admob to show you ads in the app (This helps us to gain a small amout of money, which is less than what we need to run our server).

What should I do if an ad offends me?

Users are requested to click on the blue button kind of triange in shape when the ad is displayed, usually in one of the corners of the ad and click Stop seeing this ad. The ad will then be stopped from displaying to you again.

Here is a small Google Article which shall help you further on how to disable certain type of ads


I hope this post shall make it clear to you, that we are in now way responsible to the content you see in those ads. We have blocked hate, politics, terrorism, child abuse, etc so such ads wont be shown. (It is by disabled by default in Admob).

Do write back to us using the feedback option in app if you have some queries.

Have a Nice Day.