v1.0.5 launched!

Posted by Admin on 14th November , 2017

On this Children’s day, We have started rolling out v1.0.5. It will be available to all within a few hours. Please update your app to get the most out of it.

Its been exactly 9 months today when the app was launched. Unsure of the response which we will get, totally new to the Information Technology environment, it was real fun to upload APP to Google Play Store. Just after uploading the app, the great thing we came to know, app being accpeted in Nepal. Within few days, our first 50 users after going live on Google Play Store, 32 were from Nepal and from the same college. It was an amazing feeling to get accepted in other countries too. Since then the growth has been the same. One user lead to many users. Days passed on, people started appreciating, complaining and in 9 months we are 3000+ users strong community. Thank you guys. Everything in this app is made by Dentists. Whether questions, articles, images you see in the app, logos or the code on which this app is built, the server code and configuration, everything has been made/built by Dentists. Be sure to check out the about page in app for the list of contributors. If you liked the app till now show us your affection by rating us on Google Play Store.

We are always hungry for hearing feature requests. Use the feedback option and suggest a feature and we will try to incorporate it in next release.

Articles have been stopped due to manpower constrains. We are unable to find dentists who can write for us in the limited budget. We provide everything for free. We bear the server and technical expenses ourselves. Believe me, ADS in app is not a smart way to get revenue, learnt it the hard way. We are still doing it for free. User contribution for Articles as well as Image Based Questions will be appreciated and welcome.

Some new features in APP:

This version is much awaited one as we have started FREE WEEKLY MOCK TEST which is available only from this version onwards.

We also removed the restriction to re-login using the same email id. Now you can login from multiple devices using the same email id. Email verification is now a mandatory part. So be sure to give an email which you can reach easily. 

Image Based Questions: After launching the app 9 months ago, it was felt that Image Based Questions are becoming an active part of Online Examination now and our app should also have it. We will improve the quality of questions soon. Also this feature will be data-hungry as all the images will be downloaded from Internet and not saved to the device. You cannot practice the Image Based Questions offline. Sorry!

Forum: Forum has been kept as a part of app to help you guys can interact with each other, get to know people, give your opinion, ask doubts, clear doubts, exam review and what not. This Initiative was asked by a few users recently.

Repair Installation: Those of you whose app will be updated automatically from Google Play Store, and are facing problems, We have kept this Setting which will delete everything related to previous installation from your device and new content will be downloaded from server. Be sure to be connected to High Speed Internet before doing this.

High Score Reset: Today the high score will be reset as the earlier version allowed users to score 1000+ correct answers in one go. Great oppotunity now to be the high scorer.

For users using Android version, Honeycomb (3.1 and 3.2), this will be the last update. Following Google, we are dropping support after this release.

PS: Thank you for the support you gave us till now. With your help, We will try to make this platform the best for dental community.

Have a great evening.


- Dr. Ankit