Version 1.0.9 out for public

Posted by Admin on 5th July , 2019

Last Edited: 5th Aug 2019
Version 1.0.9 is now out.

International Users, please scroll to the bottom of the page and read the last paragraph.

Special thanks to all those who filled out the survey and let us know their views.

We launched the app on 14th Feb 2016 and since then we have been providing new updates annually. Since we launched v1.0.8 there have been few features missing from the app along with presence of bugs. The app got a bunch of bad ratings on Google Play store during this while. Usually, version update of the app is due in the month of February, but this year had to be an exception. Due to Major bugs present in the v1.0.8, like articles when seen subject wise were always empty, MCQs were not getting updated, after appearing weekly test the app would crash on devices > Android Pie and many more which were related to some devices like One Plus and HMD global.

Due to these major bugs in the app, we had to stop uploading MCQs as they were not being saved on your device, we tried with articles, but they were not being shown if you tried to study them subject wise. So the wise thing was to update the app with a new better, stable, bug fixed version with a bunch of new features.

Sometimes MCQs and articles are not updated due to network issue. In that case, our server thinks that your phone has received the MCQs/Articles but instead a broken network connection fails to download data from the server. Hence, some MCQs/Articles get lost during this travel.

Some of the new things which you would soon see in the app are:

1. A new button to refresh daily Updated MCQ’s, so you can get access to the most recent mcqs.

2. Articles are now being shown in the Study Tab. If no articles are found, the app checks the server for new articles, downloads and saves them to your device.

3. MCQs can now be tagged. Some of our In-house content developers/ serious aspirants felt that while solving the MCQ they could revise them easily based on some tags. Just marking them Favorite is not enough. In v1.0.8 we added, Correct, Wrong, Unanswered which automatically gets updated as you answer a MCQ. To help you further, we added 3 tags, Don't Know, Somewhat Know, Know. Based on these 3 tags, you can filter the MCQs and practice them as required.

4. Forum was crashing on some devices. We tried to fix it for most of the devices, but we’re not sure if the bug has been fixed.

5. Discussions: In v1.0.8 discussions was added. During that release, we didn't know if you guys would use it or not, if it will be creative discussion or just like Forum, eat up some space of your device. After seeing the incredible response, the way you guys have been using discussions has been incredible. Some students are using it for creating some useful discussions about the MCQ. Many MCQ which we thought were correct have now been proved wrong and corrected due to input from these users. We are thankful to such users, and they will be rewarded in the coming days. I'm happy to announce that In v1.0.9, a discussions button, which lists out all the latest discussions, has been added.

6. Another long due feature of notifications has been added. You can now get notified when someone replies to your discussion or forum, now you can subscribe/unsubscribe and receive notifications regarding the updates. There is a catch though, some Vivo/Oppo, etc devices do not get notifications. Make sure you allow Dental Pockets to run at startup/whitelist Dental Pockets and this problem is resolved.

7. New Chat Quiz. All Telegram Dental Pockets Group users must be familiar with it, I would randomly quiz you on MCQs and students would come up with correct answers. After much thought, time and effort, I finally made it happen. Now a bot (read robot) will ask you MCQs from 9PM to 11PM (IST). Rest of the time you can chat with your friends. This feature is still in beta just like discussions was, unaware if you would like it/use it. I'm planning to build something amazing out of this technology. Be patient.

8. When you attempt MCQ, some %'s will appear below the option, this is the % of users who have selected that option. It'll help you know you are not alone who marked option B as correct despite of the correct answer being A. It'll help us find out which MCQ is truly wrong yet hasn't been discussed yet, due to lack of authentic sources, unawareness in students.

9. When you view a persons DP in full screen, you shall notice a number like 1200, 1258, etc. This is the points that student has earned. Everybody starts with 1200 and the points get added/deducted as you use the app, like in Chat Quiz, when you attempt Rapidfire, Daily Test, Discussions, etc. I shall be posting another blog post specially on that in the coming days after v1.0.9 is available to everyone.

Development and maintenance of the app requires us to spend $’s. Keeping the app free has been a priority for us and We need your support for it. In the survey, most of you agreed that the amount we ask is appropriate, hence for now we are leaving it as it is. Rs. 100/month will be monthly ad free rate. In the next version of the app, all premium users will be given premium content which is around 50,000 MCQs at their disposal compared to around 8,000 for normal/with ad user.

We are coming with a new modern test series for NEET 2020. The cost of the test series will be Rs. 500/-per month (*Subject to increase as exam approaches). A total of 52 tests have been planned and a schedule is available here. Last year, 18 students who bought the test series are now doing PG in some of the reputed colleges in India.

International Users: From the survey we came to know that many of the students who are not based in India, still use the app. We are happy to announce that we shall be adding your content too to the app. Special content will be developed and uploaded for Gulf Exam (Prometric DHA), United States (NBDE), United Kingdom (ORE) provided you guys promote the app so we have enough students interested in the same exam. If your exam is not mentioned here yet you are still using this app, specially users of Philippines, do let us know which exam you are preparing and how we can help you.

To conclude, we are always here to help you. If you have some suggestions, complains or acknowledgements do write to us. We love to hear from you.

Thank you for reading this post.

Have a Nice Day.

- Dr. Ankit Dupare

Admin, Dental Pockets.