Toppers for Periodontal Instrumentation Test

Posted by Admin on 28th May , 2017

Good Evening, 

It was quite a thrill to conduct todays test due to a minor bug which had crept into the production version (v1.0.4) which unfortunately reached 92% of our users. The bug will be fixed soon so that we can conduct online tests more frequently.

So, to compensate for the hard work that you guys had put into preparing the Periodontal Instrumentation chapter, we went ahead with a unique idea to sell the test at Re. 1. Many people who had enrolled and also prepared finally got the test.

The score reached us if you attempted for the test while your mobile was connected to internet. We have calculated the list of toppers from the entries we got till 1800 IST, which we can call the official closing time of test. Many people gave the test more than one time, some even 18 times. We have included them as well in the result with the maximum marks they scored in all their attempt. Finally, instead of 5 toppers we are displaying 7 toppers as all have same score. And now  the toppers for 28/05/2017 are:

#NameScore (Out Of 15)
1Hellboy AKA gjjddg ghj15
4Devika Mehra12
5Anjana Nair12
7Dr. P.Saiharsha12

Congratulations to all the toppers. For all those whose name couldn't appear here better luck next time, work hard and practice a lot.

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Have a Great Evening and Enjoy the holiday.