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IMPORTANT: From FEB 2019 we will STOP support for app with version less than v1.0.7. Make sure you have the latest version of the app by visiting Google Play Store. A new version i.e. v1.0.8 of the app will be available to all in a few weeks. We are very excited to launch the v1.0.8 of the app but it works correctly only if you have v1.0.7 of the app. Also, support for older devices or devices which do not have Google will not be able to get the v1.0.8 update. Minimum support is now for Android JELLY BEAN only. If you have Android OS less than JELLY BEAN, we regret to inform you that v1.0.7 will be your last update.

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New Initiative

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If you are facing problems when trying to get the available test, you have to reinstall the app. Sorry for the inconvenience. It is due to the data loss which took place during our downtime i.e. 28 Nov to 3rd December 2017.

Toppers for Periodontal Instrumentation Test

Good Evening, 

It was quite a thrill to conduct t...

We Are Hiring!!!


New Version v1.0.4 available

 New Updates in v1.0.4...

Reached 3,500 MCQ's

Today we are happy to inform you that we have reached 3,500 MCQ's. We will continue with t...

First Free Weekly Mock Test Results Out


After our very first FREE WEEKLY MOCK TEST we are ready with scores and announcing the topper for the exam. Before that we would like ...