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Time to NEET


We have come up with a Test Schedule till NEET 2019 exam. We shall try our best to stick to the schedule for upcoming tests. The schedule has details for both App and Online Platform. We might alter the schedule if needed.

Click Here to View Test Schedule

All those who are having trouble accessing NBE website, the application form for NEET MDS 2019 is available at Special thanks to NIL one of the app users who shared the link with us.


IMPORTANT:  9th Dec 2018. The Toppers for this weeks Free Weekly Test held on 9th Dec 2018 on Oral Pathology And Medicine are:
  1. Saiteja Lagisetty
  2. Anu
  3. Muness Akhtarkhavari
  4. Bharathi Kannan K
4 above mentioned users scored 100% marks. Ranks are given to them based on the time left while appearing the test. Congratulations to you all.!!! A total of 240 students appeared for test. Results are now available only to those who appeared for the test.

Users can check their Marks and Rankings by Visiting
Mock Tests → Test name → Result and scroll to bottom.

Answer Keys shall be available only to users having v1.0.7+ of the app. If you don't find a link below, with title Access Results of Weekly Test Here, Please update your app to latest version by visiting Play Store. Updated version of the app will make sure that the next test you appear shall have the answer keys as well.

POSTED BY ADMIN 10th Dec 2018 09:58:16 AM

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New Initiative

Check today’s top performers by clicking HERE


If you are facing problems when trying to get the available test, you have to reinstall the app. Sorry for the inconvenience. It is due to the data loss which took place during our downtime i.e. 28 Nov to 3rd December 2017.

Ads that you see in the App.

Dear Users,

This post is to make you understand about the Ads which you see in the app.

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