FDI (Federation Dentaire International) System
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FDI (Federation Dentaire International) System


Oral Anatomy

Tooth Numbering System – FDI (Federation Dentaire International) System

Developed by FDI World Dental Federation.

FDI Notation


In this system, the quadrants are numbered clockwise i.e.

  1. Patients Permanent Maxillary Right
  2. Patients Permanent Maxillary Left
  3. Patients Permanent Mandibular Left
  4. Patients Permanent Mandibular Right
  5. Patients Deciduous Maxillary Right
  6. Patients Deciduous Maxillary Left
  7. Patients Deciduous Mandibular Left
  8. Patients Deciduous Mandibular Right

Tooth Codes:

1Central incisors
2Lateral incisors
41st Premolars (permanent teeth) / 1st molar (deciduous teeth)
52nd Premolars (permanent teeth) / 2nd molar (deciduous teeth)
61st Molars (permanent teeth)
72nd Molars (permanent teeth)
83rd Molars (permanent teeth)


When referring to a particular tooth, The Quadrant number is written first followed by tooth number.


Permanent Maxillary Left Canine – 23 (Where 2 is the quadrant code and 3 is the tooth code)

Permanent Mandibular Right First Molar – 46 (Where 4 is the quadrant code and 6 is the tooth code)

Deciduous Mandibular Right Lateral Incisor – 82 (Where 8 is the quadrant code and 2 is the tooth code)

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