Types of Necrosis
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Types of Necrosis

Systemic Pathology & Miscellaneous


Types of Necrosis

Can be abbreviated as (CFL) [CFL]


  • Combines features of both coagulative and liquefactive. Eg: TB of lungs
  • It is mostly due to a lipopolysaccharide present in the capsule of mycobacterium


  • Most common type of necrosis 
  • Conversion of normal cells into their tombstones is hallmark of coagulative necrosis. Eg: Infarct of heart, kidney and spleen, etc.


  • Characterized by deposition of fibrin like material
  • Seen in autoimmune diseases, arterioles in hypertension, peptic ulcer, etc.


  • Special form of necrosis occurring at two anatomically different locations but morphologically similar lesions.
  • Acute pancreatic necrosis, traumatic necrosis of breasts are common examples


  • Also known as colliquative necrosis
  • Infarct of brain, abscess cavity are common examples
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