Advantages and Disadvantages of of Three Quarter Crowns
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Advantages and Disadvantages of of Three Quarter Crowns

Complete And Partial Veneer Crown

Fixed Partial Denture

Advantages of three quarter crowns:

  • Conservative tooth reduction.
  • Esthetics.
  • Electric pulp testing can be done,
  • Favorable periodontal response since less margins approximates the gingiva.
  • Ensures complete seating as it is open faced and therefore permits easy escapement of cement.
  • Complete veneer crown acts as a dosed hydraulic chamber preventing easy escape of cement.


Disadvantages of three quarter crowns:

  • Poor retention and resistance when compared to CVC.
  • Skillful preparation is critical to avoid metal display,
  • May cause discoloration of anterior teeth particularly when the teeth are thin labio lingually.
  • The PVC preparation is limited to fairly intact teeth with normally shaped, average length clinical crowns.


[Tylman 8th ed 173/Shillingburg 3rd ed 155] 

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