Classification of Gingivitis
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Classification of Gingivitis



Classificationof Gingivitis

1.Based on Course and Duration

1.        Acute Gingivitis

-         Sudden onset and short duration

-         Can be Painful

-         Less severe form is termed as subacute gingivitis

2.        Recurrent Gingivitis

-         Reappears after having been eliminated by treatment or disappearingspontaneously

3.        Chronic Gingivitis

-         Slow in onset and of long duration

-         Painless unless complicated by acute or subacute exacerbations

-         Fluctuating disease in which persists inflammation or resolve andnormal areas become inflamed.


2.Based on Distribution

       I.   Localized gingivitis

  • Confirmed to the gingivaof a single tooth or a group of teeth.

     II.   Generalized Gingivitis

  • Involves the entire mouth


3.Based on site

  • Papillary gingivitis:

-         Involves the inter dental papillae and after extends into the adjacentportion of gingival margin.

-         Papillae into the adjacent portion of gingival margin.

-         Earliest signs of gingivitis occur after in papillae due to col whichhas non-keratinized epithelium which is permeable to microorganisms.

  •  Marginal gingivitis:

-         Involves the gingival margin and may include a portion of thecontiguous attached gingiva.

  • Diffuse gingivitis:

-         Affects the gingival margin  attached gingival and theinterdental papillae

  • Localized marginal gingivitis:

-         Confined to one or more area of marginal gingiva

  • Localized diffuse gingivitis:

-         Extends from the margin to the mucobuccal fold but is confirmed to thearea.

  • Localized papillary gingivitis:

-         Confirmed to one or more interdental spaces in a limited area

  • Generalized marginal gingivitis:

-         Involves the gingival margin in relation to all teeth.

-         The interdental papillae are usually affected;

  • Generalized diffuse gingivitis:

-         Involves the entire gingiva

-         The alveolar mucosa and attached gingiva are affected obliterating theMGJ

-         Systemic condition may be involved.

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