Lymph Nodes of HNF and Areas Covered
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Lymph Nodes of HNF and Areas Covered


General Anatomy

Lymph Nodes of HNF and Areas Covered


The entire lymph from head and neck drains ultimately into deep cervical nodes, which are grouped into jugulo digastric, and jugulo omohyoid node.

The jugulo digastric node is the main node draining the tonsil while the jugulo omohyoid node is considered as the main lymph node of tongue.

The peripheral nodes are classified into two circles superficial and deep.


A. Superficial Circle

- Submental

- Submandibular

- Buccal and mandibular

- Preauricular (Parotid)

- Post auricular (Mastoid)

- Occipital

- Anterior cervical

- Superficial cervical


B. Deep circle includes

- Prelaryngeal and pretracheal

- Paratracheal

- Retropharyngeal

Drains into

- Chin

- Central part of lower lip

- Tip of tongue

- The adjoining gum

Sub mental
- Center of forehead
- Nose and para nasal sinuses
- Upper lip
- Outer part of lower lip with the underlying gum and teeth
- Ant. 2/3rd of tongue and floor of mouth
Sub mandibular

- Part of scalp just above and behind the auricle

- The upper half of the medial surface and margin of the auricle

- Posterior wall of external acoustic meatus

Post auricular nodes
- Parotid gland
- Temple
- External acoustic meatus
- Parts of eyelids and the orbit
Parotid lymph nodes
- Part of cheek and lower eyelidsBuccal and mandibular lymph nodes
- Larynx
- Isthmus of thyroid
Prelaryngeal and pretracheal nodes

- Oesophagus

- Trachea

- Larynx

Para tracheal
- Pharynx
- Auditory tube
- Soft palate
- Posterior part of hard palate
- Nose
Retropharyngeal nodes

[BDC H & N 4th ed 59/ 6th ed 63, 157] 

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