Events of Cardiac Cycle
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Events of Cardiac Cycle

Cardiovascular System


Events of cardiac cycle
Atrial systoleAtria contract and small amount of blood enters ventricles. AV valves are opened and semi lunar valves are closed. Duration is 0.11 secs.
Isometric contractionAll the valves are closed. Pressure in ventricles is raised. Duration is 0.05 secs.
Ejection periodSemilunar valves are opened. Ventricles contract and blood is ejected into aorta and pulmonary artery. This period lasts for 0.22 secs.
Proto diastoleSemilunar valves are closed. Duration of this period is 0.04 secs.
Isometric relaxationAll the valves are closed and pressure in the ventricles is reduced. Duration is 0.06 secs.
Rapid and slow fillingAV valves are opened. Ventricles relax and filling occurs. Duration is 0.3 secs.

Duration of cardiac cycle is 0.8 secs.

Duration of systole is 0.3 secs and diastole is 0.5 secs.

[Sembulingam 4th ed 493/ 5th ed 515]

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