Salivary Glands - Location, Opening and Secretions
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Salivary Glands - Location, Opening and Secretions

Salivary & Thyroid Glands

General Anatomy

Salivary Glands - Location, Opening and Secretions

[BDC H&N 4th ed 165]

Gland: Parotid

Location: Below external acoustic meatus between the ramus of mandible and the sterocleidomastoid. It is the largest of all the salivary glands.

Duct opening: Stensons duct - After piercing the buccinator opens into the vestibule of mouth opposite the crown of maxillary 2nd molar.

Secretion: Purely serous

Gland: Sub-mandibular

Location: Roughly 'J' shaped salivary gland, situated in the anterior part of digastric triangle. The gland is divided into large superficial and small deep parts by mylohyoid muscle.

Duct opening: Wharton's duct opens on the floor of mouth, on the summit of the lingula papilla, at the side of frenulum of the tongue.

Secretion: Mixed and predominantly serous

Gland: Sublingual gland

Location: Smallest of the three salivary glands. It is situated above the mylohyoid below the mucosa of the floor of the mouth.

Duct opening: Bartholins duct - 10-15 ducts emerge from the gland. Most of them open directly into the floor of mouth on the summit of sublingual fold. A few of them join the submandibular duct.

Secretion: Mixed and predominantly mucous.

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