Occlusion and Factors Governing
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Occlusion and Factors Governing


Oral Anatomy

Occlusion and Factors Governing 

Occlusion is defined as the contact relationship of the teeth in function or para function.

Factors Governing Occlusion:

a. Local Factors:

  • Effect of certain habits
  • Hypodontia - Congenital absence of few teeth
  • Presence of supernumerary teeth
  • Aberrant position of teeth during development
  • Localized anomalies due to soft tissue - Labial frenum.

b. Systemic Factors:

  • Skeletal Factors: Size, position and relationship of bone in which the tooth develops
  • Muscle Factors: The form and function of muscle which surrounds the teeth.
  • Dental Factors: The size of dentition in relation to the size of jaws.
  • The position and relationship of teeth within the bone
  • The path followed by the tooth to reach the mucus membrane before eruption
  • The force which guide its course after eruption, i.e. buccinator mechanism
  • The forces which start to operate when the tooth makes its components with its opponent.
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