Indication and Contraindication of RPD
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Indication and Contraindication of RPD

Introduction And Classification

Removable Partial Denture

Indications for RPD:

Muller De Van(1952): 

1. Longer Edentulous Span: 

                Ante’s Law: the pericemental surface area of the abutment teeth to be used for a FPD must be equal to or exceed the pericemental surface area of the teeth being replaced.

2. Age: Below 17 yrs- large pulps & insufficient clinical crown ht. Old age: reduced life expectancy& frequent illness

3. Abutment: No posterior tooth RPD preferred

4. Periodontal Support: Poor, Splints remaining teeth

5. Cross Arch Stabilization: Major connectors provide against lateral & antero-post. forces & lateral or buccolingual

6. Aesthetics: Better, denture base-a natural tooth arising from gingiva & more life like appearance, phonetics & esthetic

7. Immediate Replacement & Reline: possible.

8. Physical & emotional problems

9. Patient Desire:

  • to avoid operative procedure & economic reason
  • large or multiple edent. spaces / insufficient abutments
  • when canine and its two or more teeth missing
  • tipped teeth to adjacent to edentulous space.
  • short clinical crown


Contraindications of RPD:

1. Large tongue that push denture away

2. Mentally retarded patient who cannot maintain removable prosthesis

3. Poor oral hygiene 

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