Scammon's Classfication of Tissues
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Scammon's Classfication of Tissues

Growth And Development


[Bhalajhi 3 rd ed 10]
Scammon's growth curve classifies body tissues into 4 types:

Each of these tissues grow at different times and rates.

Lymphoid Tissue
  • Proliferates rapidly in late childhood and reaches 200% adult size. This is an adaptation to protect children from infections.
  • By the age of 18 years, lymphoid tissue undergoes involution to reach adult size.
Neural tissue
  • Grows very rapidly and reaches maximum size by 6-7 years(AIIMS-2012) of age. 
  • Very little growth of neural tissue occurs after 6-7 years (AIPG-14)
General or visceral tissue (muscles, bones)
  • Exhibit and "S" shaped curve with rapid growth up to 2-3 years followed by a slow phase of growth between 3-10 years (COMED-09)
  • After 10th year, a rapid phase of growth occurs terminating by the 18 - 20th years
Genital tissues
  • Shows negligible growth until puberty
  • Grows rapidly at pubertal age and reaches adult size after which growth ceases.


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