Cartilages and its derivatives
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Cartilages and its derivatives

Growth And Development


[Bhalajhi 3rd ed 28]

The spheno-mandibular ligament extends from the lingula of mandible to the spine of sphenoid bone and forms a remnant of meckel's cartilage.

CartilagesCartilage derivatives
1st arch (meckel's cartilage)Sphenomandibular ligament, Anterior ligament of malleus

2nd arch cartilage 
(Reichert's Cartilage)[MCET-14]

Stapes, stylohyoid process, stylohyoid ligament, lesser cornua and superior part of body of hyoid
3rd arch cartilateGreater cornua of hyoid, inferior part of body of hyoid
4th and 6th cartilagesCartilages of larynx


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