Emerging Technologies in Composites
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Emerging Technologies in Composites


Operative Dentistry



1.Antimicrobial materials:

  1. Fluoride containing composites.
  2. MDPB (Methacryloxy dodecyl pyridinium bromide antimicrobial monomers.
  3. MMP (matrix metalloproteinase) inhibiting components incorporated in the composite.


2.Remineralizing agents:

  1. Nanopartjcals of hydroxy apatite for anticaries repair effect of composite restorations.
  2. Remineralizing bonding agents like inclusion of
  3. MTA in bonding agents.

3. Bone grafting materials:

  1. New bioactive glasses that contain more boron and silica for ontogenesis.
  2. Extraction socket grafting materials.
  3. Implants with nanotechnology coatings.

4. Stimulus responsive “Smart” materials:

  1. New Zirconia ceramics that prevent propagation of cracks.
  2. Composites that change color when irradiated.
  3. Smart GIC.
  4. Varnish that release xylitol for anticaries effect.
  5. Resins capable of releasing Chlorhexidine.

5. Self-assembling materials:

  • Materials that automatically construct pre-specified assemblies for tooth regeneration based on molecular biology.

6. Self healing materials:

  • An automatically initiated response to damage or failure.
  • The self heating system developed for epoxy composite. If a crack occurs in epoxy composite, some microcapsules rupture near the crack and release dicyclopentadiene which subsequently fills and repairs the cracks.

7. Bioactive materials:

  • MTA type cements.
  • TiO2 nanoparticals containing dental resins and implants.
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