Physical Abuse
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Physical Abuse



Physical Abuse

- Contributed by Poornima Pandey

It is the most easily recognizable form of child abuse.

A) Battered child syndrome Described by HENRY KEMPE in 1962.

The clinical picture of physical trauma in which the explanation of injury doesn't correlate with the severity and type of injury observed. Note - here injuries are inflicted not accidental.

50% of physical abuse injuries results in facial and head injuries.

25% of physical abuse injury occurs in or around the mouth.

B) Manchaussan's syndrome of proxy

According to WHO it is called as factitious disorder. This abuse is most difficult form of child abuse to identify. Term given by Meadow. Described hy Asher in 1951.

Here the perpetrators gives a factitious history produces false sign and symptoms and fabricates illness in the child which results in extensive medical evaluation, testing and prolonged hospitalization.

It is deliberate attempt to gain medical attention to obtain financial or other services therefore of parental psychosis or simply as fraud.

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