Amalgam - Classification
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Amalgam - Classification


Dental Material

Dental Amalgam (Classification)

Based on Copper Content:

Low Copper alloys:< 6% copper

High Copper alloys: > 6% copper

High copper is further classified:


Single Composition

Based on Alloy Particles:

Lathe-cut alloys – Irregular shape

Spherical alloys

Admixed alloys

Based on Zinc Content:

Zinc containing alloys: < 0.01% zinc

Zinc – free alloys: > 0.01% zinc

Based on Alloyed Metals

Binary (Tin, Silver)

Ternary (Tin, Silver, Copper)

Quaternary (Tin, Silver, Copper, Indium)

Based on Addition of Noble Metals (Marzuk Classification)

First generation: 3 part silver, 1 part zinc

Second generation: Along with first, 4% copper, zinc (up to 1%)

Third generation: Silver-copper eutectic alloy

Fourth generation: copper:silver and tin in 29%

Fifth generation: Silver, tin, copper, indium to form a quaternary alloy

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