Classification of Restorative Materials
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Classification of Restorative Materials

Restorative Resins

Dental Material

Restorative Materials (Classification)

A restorative material is a material, which substitute the missing tooth structure and restores the form and function of the tooth.

Classification of Restorative Materials:

  1. Temporary, Intermediate and Permanent
  2. Aesthetic and Non-aesthetic
  3. Direct and Indirect

Temporary: Example: ZOE

Intermediate:Example: Zinc phosphate, Zinc silico phosphate

Permanent: Example: Amalgam, GIC, Composite, Porcelain, DFG, Silicate cement, Cast Metal

Aesthetic: GIC, Porcelain, Composite

Non-aesthetic: Cast metal, DFG, Amalgam

Direct: Amalgam, DFG, Composite, Cements

Indirect: Cast metal, Porcelain

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