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This app only help you to study and learn. Unless you put efforts from your side no one can help you. Your efforts are your key to success


Currently this feature is not available in app as it might lead to increase in the marks of students appearing for exams... 😜

Geographical Boundries

This app is best suited only for UG & PG preparation along with practitioners of dentistry in INDIA, though topics may be same but techniques may differ in other parts of world.

Dental Pockets features

Online as well as offline availability of MCQ as well as Articles. All the data is saved on the phone so no need to connect to internet everytime.Although daily updates will work only if connected to internet.

We recently launched our web platform specially for iOS users. You can now use your browser and access the app. Click here to go to our web app.

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Mock Tests

Currently only 5 questions are allowed in time limit of 1 minute. In future this number could be changed or special mock test could be purchased which would further help you to solve the complete mock paper in given time frame.

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After each test you give you'd be shown with a statistics page which would help to find your accuracy of solving questions. Try to achieve 100% and we can hope that in exams too this performace would be achieved.

Want to study subject wise?

On the home page itself you have two sliding Subject Wise and Year Wise tabs which would help you to filter MCQ/Articles according to chapters to suit your needs.

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Now available on Play Store

We launched our app on Google Play Store on 14th Feb 2016. Click below to download the app.